Cloud Hosting Solution

Cloud Hosting Solution

What Exactly Is Cloud Hosting?

Whether you’re brand-new or an expert, our cloud hosting solutions provide you the freedom to pick what works best for you. There is a package to match your needs whether you have a small business that is just getting started or a huge firm with several employees. Our web hosting and domain name options provide you the freedom to select the cheapest hosting package while still fulfilling your bandwidth, disc space, storage, and other needs.

Shingala Infotech can help you get your Indian brand prominent online. We guarantee to make your cloud hosting experience a pleasant one and to empower your business. You can expect the best hosting experience with us regardless of which service you choose. Choose a web hosting provider who understands the importance of starting small and scaling up. Our Web Hosting options are meant to assist you in doing the same.

Migration Is Just A Good Experience With Us

Switch to Shingala Infotech right now! We will assist you with transferring your website from another web server to Shingala Infotech. Our cloud hosting services is quick and, of course, error-free. You don’t have to be concerned about the migration’s intricacies and procedures when you work with us. Our dedicated migration experts will handle everything for you.

With 24/7 World-Class Support, You Can Concentrate On Your Business

Our top priority is customer service. With us, you get immediate assistance from our top agents for addressing your technical problems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, if you require assistance beyond this, we have you covered with the support add-ons.

You can select between the Expert add-on for exceptional support and the Premium support add-on, which provides the highest level of support standards as well as access to incredible help from our Senior support engineers, who act as your extended in-house staff.


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To Continue Growing, Host On The Cloud

If your website has outgrown shared hosting, it’s time to go to the cloud. Our cloud platform provides powerful dedicated resources and is optimised for efficiency and speed, ensuring that your site performs optimally.
Our most knowledgeable DevOps team will configure and manage your cloud account. We understand that a growing firm necessitates more upkeep on all levels. We free you up to focus on more critical business challenges by handling the IT side of things.
By building unique Hosting Packages and defining appropriate Client Roles, you may simply host your own clients on your Cloud account. The hosting packages feature allows you to personalise the resources assigned to each of the sites hosted on your cloud, whereas the client role allows you to determine which site administration tools your clients will have access to.
Our cloud platform is ready for expansion. With a single click, you can add CPU and RAM at any moment. You can also use our auto-scale feature, which adds more capacity automatically during unexpected traffic spikes, preventing traffic loss and downtime.